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Hi, we are Maddalena & Nicola, the mama’s of  the heroes of the tasty adventures of ‘Lets cook a story’:
the Yummies.

‘Let’s cook a story’ is a platform, where we cook different stories with believers of healthy lifestyle.
It all starts with the Yummies, now we are cooking a story with Bebio and many more will follow …
Check it out on the site …

Maddalena Prini, is a is food designer (www.forchettadestra.nl) AND mother of two boys.
‘In my work and in my daily life, my challenge is to communicate and create awareness with and around the food experience process. Becoming a mum gave me the opportunity to discover a new public and a new level of intervention: to intrigue kids in the access, preparation and consumption of REAL food in order to create in them an awareness that will help them to engage a healthy lifestyle.

and Nicola Dehmer is a graphic designer (www.dehmer.nl) AND mother of a girl.
‘Having issues with my health ‘You are what you eat’ opened my eyes. A journey into Macrobiotic, Ayurveda, Raw Food and other food philosophies builded up my awareness of what food can do to you. As a mum i want to pass that knowledge to my little girl in a playful way. Maddalena’s work as a food designer seems just the right tool for that combined with my skill as a graphic designer to translate it into a tasty language for kids.’



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