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* story @ watch out waste

WOW campaign | AMC | Amsterdam Aa a hospital, AMC tries to take care of his patients and inspire them to engage a healthy life. This is done in a sustainable way. To help achieving that we have been asked to launch a campaign to make people aware of food waste. The Watch out waste (WOW) is the name that […]

* story @ ‘appunti in cucina’

workshop | Appunti in cucina | Erba Appunti in cucina consists of a serie of workshops organised by the bookstore ‘di via Volta’ and the delicacy store Sartori, both located in Erba. The aim of these workshops is to connect people with the art and joy of cooking. Let’s cook a story has been invited to held with the Yummies a workshops where […]

* story @ Parolario

workshop | Parolario | Como – Italy Parolario is a yearly cultural event -made of lectures, workshops, conferences, shows, music – held in Como. For the edition Parolario 2015 ‘The color of Beauty’, Let’s cook a story has been asked to give two workshops with the Yummies in two different unique locations: Villa Olmo and the greenhouse of Villa […]

* story @ Emma children hospital

SmaakLAB | Emma kinderziekenhuis | Amsterdam The Emma hospital has been through a 7 years renovation which leaded in 2015 to a total transformation of the hospital. Let’s cook a story had the honour of been assigned the concept and development of the restaurant corporate identity. This project marked the beginning of a creative collaboration between Let’s cook a story  and AMC | Emma […]

* story @ Bodemschatten

soil education kit for schools | Soil education | West Holland 750 kids at school have soileducation-lessons and cook a story The Omgevingsdienst West-Holland decided to offer soileducation-lessons to young kids. We are very happy that we could be part of this project to not just have kids plant, discover, but also enjoy their harvest.

* story @ school

Hello schools, here we come … Which place would be better to to have fun with food than at school? We started a test at the Montessorie De Pinksterbloem, Amsterdam and the Istituto Comprensivo Como-Rebbio, scuola primaria. Many others followed …

. the storyline

What we belive in … … that the act of eating consists of an essential part of our life, not just because it is a daily basic need but because it touches healthy, cultural, emotional, psychological, social aspects, habits and lifestyle, that contribute to determine who we are and what we stand for. … that […]

* story @ Mr Humus

  Professor Smakelijk makes another discovery: Mr Humus So we’ve got a new friend Mr. Humus. His task is to make kids aware of the soil their food comes from. Together with soil education we developed a Humus box, which contains soil information, seeds, planting-tips, tell you how to harvest your vegetables and gives you […]